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Baby it’s cold outside

It’s cold. This isn’t breaking news by any stretch of the imagination, it’s winter in a Canadian prairie City afterall. But since the beginning of February, Edmonton has been REALLY cold: You can see Edmonton has been colder than average, but this graph doesn’t tell the whole story. For those reading that don’t know what…
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It’s the most wonderful(ly dangerous) time of the year

I’ve never been one of those people that gets amped up for Christmas before December 1st, getting the tree and decorations up, listening to the Christmas Carols-only radio stations, and putting the Christmas fire log channel on in the background while I do housework. Christmas was always a stressful time around our house as kids;…
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Fair weather Pedestrianism

Being a pedestrian isn’t as glamorous as this blog makes it sound. There are some days, in early September, when you look outside and see things like this: And you just wonder where the summer went, immediately regretting not taking full advantage of warmer days. “It’s over”, you think to yourself. It happens around the…
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