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EINS is hiring a Summer Student Intern!

We at EINS need help this coming summer, and are looking for a current student enrolled in Urban Planning or a related field. If you are hard-working, creative and interested in contributing to land development projects of all scales in the Edmonton region, you may be just the person we need. Please review the detailed…
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Caveats, Covenants, and the Impartial City

Like Violet Beauregarde after a delicious stick of Wonka’s blueberry pie bubblegum, Edmonton is ballooning at an insatiable rate. As the city marches towards a population of two million—forecasts show us nearly doubling to this mark within 20 years—we find ourselves repeatedly gobbling up more land on the outskirts, while paying little mind to the…
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Putting the Woo in Woonerfs

It’s a warm, sunny day and you’re out for a stroll.  In most areas of Edmonton, if you were to look down you would see shades of grey — the bland and uninviting hues of our typical roads, paths, and sidewalks. Light grey for sidewalks, where pedestrians stroll. Dark grey for roads, where automobiles reign.…
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