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Editors note: This blog post was written by Andrew Olsen, our newest hire at Eins. We are very excited to open up our blog space to employees and friends to explore and share topics that are important and interesting to them. Hope you enjoy Andrew’s first post. We are massive Oilers fans at Eins Consulting,…
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E-scooters have launched in Canada, with Bird and Lime releasing their e-scooters in Edmonton and Calgary a few weeks ago. These are a great addition to local transit systems, and help promote other modes of transit as well.

The Canadian Dream

A few weeks ago I read a very interesting article about zoning in American cities. Using data from UrbanFootprint to map a city, The Upshot calculated how cities across the United States are zoned, with a focus on highlighting the amount of land that outlaw multi-family housing through their zoning. It’s intended to show how…
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Baby it’s cold outside

It’s cold. This isn’t breaking news by any stretch of the imagination, it’s winter in a Canadian prairie City afterall. But since the beginning of February, Edmonton has been REALLY cold: You can see Edmonton has been colder than average, but this graph doesn’t tell the whole story. For those reading that don’t know what…
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As I walk (up from) the (River) Valley

Coolio was the best. When I was looking at my current apartment for the first time, I walked over from the place at which I was living at the time, thinking to myself “that hill will be a tough commute every morning”. ‘That hill’, of course, is 103 Street, one of many steep access points…
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Living the High (Line) life

I was in New York last week for the first time in my life. My trip was only four days and I feel like I only saw 1% of the city. I think I always assumed, being the small city bumpkin that I am, that New Yorkers were on another level in terms of their…
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Falling Water

Incorporating public art into public spaces isn’t anything new. Hell, in the 16th Century during the Renaissance, artists were basically celebrities. They received massive commissions to produce pieces of art that enhanced public spaces. Now although the themes and styles have evolved; I mean Copenhagen basically has a statue dedicated to a military, royal or…
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Bridge over the River North Saskatchewan

The Walterdale Bridge replacement project was a shitshow. Over budget, Korean steel delivered a year late, and contractor squabbles somewhat tarnished the project. When it opened, there were more than a few “finally”‘s and snide, side-of-mouth opinions being broadcast by Edmontonians. And for good measure, of course. It’s a major artery connecting south Edmonton with…
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