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The Missing Middle – Plan View

The City of Edmonton is proposing changes to their zoning bylaw to solve the issue of housing affordability. The changes are intended to spur missing middle housing development, like row housing and low-rise apartments. But the reasons for the missing middle are beyond simply policy and process – some of the elements are completely out…
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The Municipal Government Act – Plan View

The fifth video in a series about Alberta’s planning process – this time focusing on the tippy-top of the statutory plans, the Municipal Government Act. Check out the other videos in the series here: The Municipal Development PlanThe Area Structure PlanThe Zoning BylawThe Planning Process

The Municipal Development Plan – Plan View

The Municipal Development Plan outlines how a municipality will grow over a certain time period – usually 10-20 years. But the process to get the MDP approved in Alberta weakens the final document to the point that it is almost irrelevant for the average person. For more in this series, check out these videos: The…
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The Area Structure Plan – Plan View

The third in a series about Alberta’s planning process, this time focusing on the Area Structure Plan and what it means to you as a landowner within a future ASP area. Check out the previous videos in the series here: The Zoning BylawThe Planning Process

The Zoning Bylaw – Plan View

The second video in a series exploring the Planning Process – this time with a focus on the Zoning Bylaw. Check out the first video in the series here

The Planning Process – Plan View

The first of a new series of videos that will outline and explain the planning process in detail. The series is called Plan View, which is the way Planners plan – by looking at everything from 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 and 50,000 feet above the ground. Clear as mud? Move on to the next video explaining…
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