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In 2015, Edmonton adopted the Vision Zero Strategy, aimed at reducing fatalities and serious injury from vehicular collisions in Edmonton. It received praise from Council and was supported unanimously, and I mean, why wouldn’t someone support that vision. In the years since, the City has implemented a series of interventions that follow the overall road…
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That old saying about assumptions

There are times when the size of the bubble in which I live becomes very evident. The issue is that it’s generally after I’ve already made an incorrect assumption and subsequently made an ass out of u and me (mostly me). I first heard the word “Permeability” while in University in the context of neighbourhood…
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Living the High (Line) life

I was in New York last week for the first time in my life. My trip was only four days and I feel like I only saw 1% of the city. I think I always assumed, being the small city bumpkin that I am, that New Yorkers were on another level in terms of their…
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