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The Zoning Bylaw – Plan View

The second video in a series exploring the Planning Process – this time with a focus on the Zoning Bylaw. Check out the first video in the series here

The Planning Process – Plan View

The first of a new series of videos that will outline and explain the planning process in detail. The series is called Plan View, which is the way Planners plan – by looking at everything from 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 and 50,000 feet above the ground. Clear as mud? Move on to the next video explaining…
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It’s all about who you know

Being human, it’s easy getting stuck in the same routine once you find something that works. I was reminded of that this past week while attending my favourite local coffee shop, DOSC, as the barista I’ve come to know superficially kindly called me out for always ordering the same thing. Outside of the shock that…
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Baby it’s cold outside

It’s cold. This isn’t breaking news by any stretch of the imagination, it’s winter in a Canadian prairie City afterall. But since the beginning of February, Edmonton has been REALLY cold: You can see Edmonton has been colder than average, but this graph doesn’t tell the whole story. For those reading that don’t know what…
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That old saying about assumptions

There are times when the size of the bubble in which I live becomes very evident. The issue is that it’s generally after I’ve already made an incorrect assumption and subsequently made an ass out of u and me (mostly me). I first heard the word “Permeability” while in University in the context of neighbourhood…
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It’s the most wonderful(ly dangerous) time of the year

I’ve never been one of those people that gets amped up for Christmas before December 1st, getting the tree and decorations up, listening to the Christmas Carols-only radio stations, and putting the Christmas fire log channel on in the background while I do housework. Christmas was always a stressful time around our house as kids;…
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Fair weather Pedestrianism

Being a pedestrian isn’t as glamorous as this blog makes it sound. There are some days, in early September, when you look outside and see things like this: And you just wonder where the summer went, immediately regretting not taking full advantage of warmer days. “It’s over”, you think to yourself. It happens around the…
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You gotta keep em separated

I’m a private person, especially with my home life. It’s not that I’m living a criminal life, cooking meth in my bathtub at night like I’m Heisenberg. It’s just that I like to do my thing (write, crush Breaking Bad episodes and talk both to and on behalf of my cat) in solitude sometimes. Maybe…
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As I walk (up from) the (River) Valley

Coolio was the best. When I was looking at my current apartment for the first time, I walked over from the place at which I was living at the time, thinking to myself “that hill will be a tough commute every morning”. ‘That hill’, of course, is 103 Street, one of many steep access points…
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Living the High (Line) life

I was in New York last week for the first time in my life. My trip was only four days and I feel like I only saw 1% of the city. I think I always assumed, being the small city bumpkin that I am, that New Yorkers were on another level in terms of their…
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