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development can be complicated and expensive; finding the right planning consultant shouldn't be


from site design to public engagement, policy writing to development applications, I am a full service planning consultant and will help you navigate any phase of the development process


need help finding the best route forward? I will show you your options and potential costs to ensure you make the right call for your project


I am fortunate to have strategic partners in other disciplines. Whether it’s environmental, engineering or architecture, I will find and manage the right team to achieve your goals

passionate about Edmonton, passionate about city-building

I’m passionate about city-building. My entire career as a Planning Consultant has been in land development, and I love being involved in the evolution of cities. The complexity of development is fascinating, and I take pride in finding solutions that challenge the status quo. 

I am Edmonton-based, but have experience working throughout the Canadian prairies. I also have a global library of precedents developed through traveling that keeps me up-to-date on how other places approach development. You can follow along by checking me out on social media. 

recent musings

occasionally I produce content on planning and pedestrian issues that I find important – feel free to check it out!

What I Wish I Learned in Planning School

It’s been nearly a decade since I’ve been working as a professional planner. With the academic year right around the corner, I felt it’s a good time to reflect on[…]

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In 2015, Edmonton adopted the Vision Zero Strategy, aimed at reducing fatalities and serious injury from vehicular collisions in Edmonton. It received praise from Council and was supported unanimously, and[…]

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4 Strategies for Public Hearings

Not all of us are blessed with confidence when public speaking, but as planners it is a big part of our job. Over my career, I’ve had success at public[…]

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